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Stansted Surgery

How to Get Test Results

You will be advised of the usual length of time before we can expect your test results to come back from the hospital. We receive hundreds of results a week and do not routinely contact patients with their results although we would always do so if the result requires follow up with the doctor. If you have given us a mobile phone number we may text you with the result. If you have had several tests that come back at different times, it is possible to get several texts, and potentially one could ask you to make an appointment and another could say no action required. The doctor may decide that a text message is not sent to you depending on whether they want to speak with you direct rather than sending a text. If you are not sure please contact the surgery between the hours below.


We ask that patients telephone the surgery for the results of their investigations between 14:00 16:00 (to avoid peak hours on the telephone) Monday to Friday on 01279 813200 and ask to be put through to the results line.


You will be told what message the doctor has recorded, the person giving the result is unable to interpret the results. If the result is complicated, or if the doctor wants to see you about the result, we will offer you an appointment. We are bound to maintain patient confidentiality and therefore results will only be disclosed to the patient or to the parent/guardian of minors.

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