COPES Pharmacy

To all patients who use COPES pharmacy to dispense their medication:

COPES can no longer dispense for you. We have already arranged for your regular September and October medication to be dispensed, and you can collect this as usual from them. If your medication is usually delivered, this will remain unchanged. For any interim prescriptions that you may need during September and October, we need to seek your consent for the surgery to have your medication dispensed by an alternative pharmacy, pending the opening of the new Peacock Pharmacy (the current Stansted Pharmacy/Copes) on November 1st? Your dispensed medication will be collected by us from the alternative pharmacy, and you will still be able to collect it from Stansted Pharmacy (COPES). Again, if medication is usually delivered to you, this will still happen. At times, we may need to dispense your medication via Elsenham Surgery’s dispensary, but this will be delivered to Stansted Pharmacy for collection/delivery as usual. . If you are happy, or not happy, with this arrangement, please respond YES or NO to the text you have received. If you respond No, we will be in touch to discuss your prescription destinations.

Thank you: For enquiries, please call Stansted Surgery on 01279 818051/818057/818060 (between 11am and 3pm), or Stansted Pharmacy on 01279 816323