South Uttlesford Primary Care Network

Stansted, Elsenham, John Tasker House, Angel Lane and Eden Surgeries

Update 10 April 2021

Another successful Covid-19 vaccination clinic at Stansted Surgery today, for patients from Stansted and Elsenham Surgeries. 500 patients in 3.5 hours with 14 vaccinators and 20 support and admin staff – all mostly volunteers. Fantastic team and community effort.

Plans for next week: South Uttlesford Primary Care Network will be receiving both Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccine to complete 2nd doses. Delivery date not confirmed yet, but we are likely to vaccinate again next Saturday. All Pfizer second doses will be delivered at Stansted Surgery, for all 5 surgeries, so please “save the date” – we’ll be in touch this week. If you are in week 10/11 post your 1st Pfizer or Astra Zeneca dose, and haven’t heard anything from your own surgery by next Friday, please contact YOUR OWN SURGERY. 2nd dose Astra Zeneca vaccines will be delivered where you received your first dose.

Update 9 April 2021

For information from Public Health England regarding blood clotting and the AstraZeneca (Oxford) vaccine, please see this link

Update 18 March 2021

UK regulator confirms that people should continue to receive the COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca. Please see

Update 17 March 2021

Vaccination programme update – 2nd this week

South Uttlesford Primary Care Network

Stansted, Elsenham, John Tasker House, Angel Lane and Eden Surgeries

We have accepted an additional 1200 AZ (Oxford) and additional 90 Pfizer vaccine for next week.

So next week we are receiving:
2400 AZ vaccines for 1st doses
400 AZ for 2nd doses
330 Pfizer for 2nd doses

With this extra vaccine, we will be moving to Groups 5, 7 and 8, and potentially 9 too… depending on the uptake in the lower groups.

STANSTED SURGERY PATIENTS – Group 5, 6 7 and 8 can book an appointment on line, or call
01279 818051 or 818058 or 818057 – between 10 and and 3pm daily (BUT NOT MONDAYS!!) Please do not leave messages on the answerphones.

The second doses will be for patients who had 1st doses between 1 and 8 January 2021, and potentially some done after that date. We are currently unable to book Pfizer second doses…as we do not yet know when specifically it will be delivered.

We are not able to offer ANY Pfizer 1st doses any more, as we will not be able to deliver the 2nd dose.

Update 15 March 2021

Vaccination programme update – Sorry…. a long update….

South Uttlesford Primary Care Network
Stansted, Elsenham, John Tasker House, Angel Lane and Eden Surgeries

So far, our Primary Care Network has delivered 12725 Covid-19 vaccinations. This is a huge achievement!

This week we will continue with Group 6. We will be running a clinic for Stansted and Elsenham patients here at Stansted Surgery on Saturday morning.

John Tasker House, Angel Lane and Eden Surgeries will be running clinics from their own premises this week and/or weekend.

Group 6 continues to be a huge challenge for us. We are inundated with enquiries – both from patients who are in Group 6, or patients who think they should be in Group 6. Please note that this is putting tremendous strain on our surgeries phone lines – we will vaccinate you as soon as possible.
Next week we are getting a further 1200 AZ (Oxford) vaccinations, plus we will be starting to run 2nd dose clinics simultaneously.

Many Group 6 patients are offered a vaccine, but their response is “I don’t want it yet”. We cannot delay the other vaccination groups indefinitely while Group 6 patients decide if they want a vaccine, or not. With this in mind, we are recording “not yet” responses as “declined”, so we can move to groups 5 and 7 as soon as possible. Group 6 patients who have offered a vaccine and not yet booked an appointment, must get in touch with their surgery if they decide to have a vaccine at a later stage.

Please note – we know when patients are due their second dose, and we are allocated the correct amount of vaccine to fulfil 2nd doses in week 11. Please do not call us about second doses – we will be in touch when it’s your turn.

We have been informed that all 1st dose allocations we will be receiving in the weeks to come will be AZ (Oxford). This means we can offer no Pfizer 1st doses, as we will not be able to deliver the 2nd dose.

We are aware of some concerns in the National Press about the AZ Oxford vaccine, please have a look at the most recent statement from MRHA…/mhra-response-to-danish-authorities-ac…

Covid-19 Vaccination Programme update – 25 February 2021

Late next week South Uttlesford Primary Care Network is receiving 800 Astra Zeneca vaccinations.

We will share these fairly between our 5 practices. Stansted and Elsenham Surgeries will be running a clinic together from Stansted premises, and John Tasker House, Angel Lane and Eden Surgeries will be running clinics from their own premises.


Please note that, with additional patients being added to the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable group, we need to revisit Group 4 before we can continue with Group 6.

Stansted Surgery patients: If you, a family member or a frined are in Groups 1 – 3, and have not been contacted, please email us on or call reception.

Group 5 patients must contact 119, or book a vaccination at a mass vaccination site via…/coro…/book-coronavirus-vaccination/

For clarification of the different groups, please see…/covid-19-vaccination-first-phase…

Update 17 February 2021

We are receiving some Pfizer vaccine next week (aprox 1100 doses), so will be running clinics from Stansted Surgery for patients from South Uttlesford Primary care Network in Group 6.Please do not contact your surgery – we will proactively get in touch to book patients in. Thank you

Update 16 February 2021

Surgeries have now been asked to stop inviting Group 5 patients for vaccination, and move to Group 6. Group 5 patients – those aged between 65 and 69, can book an appointment with one of the vaccination sites – follow this link…/coronavi…/book-coronavirus-vaccination/

For clarification on the definition of the groups, please see…/covid-19-vaccination-first-phase-prior…

We will endeavour to vaccinate all those in Group 5 who prefers to have their vaccination with their surgery, but we will have to work through group 6 first.

We’re getting a very limited amount of vaccine this week, 400 doses – and we are planning a clinic for Saturday for all 5 surgeries in South Uttlesford- on Stansted Surgery premises

PLEASE DO NOT call your surgery, we will proactively contact patients to book an appointment

Update 9 February 2021

We now have to go-ahead to move to Group 5 for Covid-19 vaccinations – those aged 65 to 69. Please do not call your surgery, we will proactively contact you by phone or text. As we are not getting any vaccine this week, we will contact the majority of this group next week.

Update 3 February 2021

Covid-19 vaccination programme updateAll 5 surgeries in South Uttlesford Primary Care Network have now almost completed Groups 1-4. We are getting a delivery of Astra Zeneca tomorrow, which we will split fairly between our 5 practices, for delivery to patients at their own GP Surgery. All 5 surgeries are working through Groups 1-4 to invite anyone who has potentially been missed. We have been categorically instructed that we can not move on to Group 5 – and this is reflected in the news that we are not getting any vaccine delivered next week. If you, a friend or a loved one is in Group 1-4, and have not heard anything from your surgery by the end of next week, 12 February 2021 -please contact your own surgery.Everyone else – please DO NOT call your surgery with enquiries. We will be in touch as soon as we have to vaccine and the official go-ahead from NHSE to move to Group 5. I know this is very frustrating for us all – but we must work together to make sure emergency calls can get through to GP Surgery Reception Teams – we promise we will be in touch as soon as your turn comes.I would like to thank the staff of all 5 surgeries who are working relentlessly to deliver this programme, and the army of volunteers supporting Stansted Surgery. Collaborative working at it’s best!

Update 20 January 2021

We now know that we are getting another delivery of 800 Astra Zeneca vaccines towards the end of next week. We will share this fairly between our 5 practices, and will each be delivering clinics on our own premises (except for Elsenham, whose patients may have to travel to Stansted Surgery for their vaccination).

By next week, we will be moving on to Group 3 – patients aged 75 and older. Some of our surgeries have already started this process. Please do not contact your surgery – you will be telephoned, or contacted by text. We will be working our way down this group, starting with the oldest patients first. Where an older patient lives with a patient aged 75 and over, we will book an appointment for both, to avoid two journeys to your surgery.

Heath and Social Care staff are still being vaccinated. They are difficult for surgeries to identify, as employment details are not necessarily part of a patient’s your medical record. To see who qualifies, have a look at

Health and Social Care workers should contact their own surgeries to enquire about receiving a vaccination. However, a Health and Social Care Worker should be able to obtain a vaccination from any vaccinating site. Please note that proof of employment will be required. Any healthcare workers that are struggeling to obtain a vaccination should email – we will do our best to help, but clearly we cannot vaccinate this entire group on our own.

UPDATE – 18 January 2020

Our vaccination plans for this week

Stansted and Elsenham Surgery patients

We will be running a vaccination clinic from STANSTED SURGERY on Thursday 21 January 2021 for patients aged 80 and over. We are proactively calling patients to invite them, so no need to call your surgery.

In addition we are completing our Care Homes and Housebound patients this week.

Angel Lane Surgery

Angel Lane is running vaccination clinics FROM THEIR OWN PREMISES on Thurday and Friday 21st and 22nd this week.They are proactively calling patients to invite them, so no need to call your surgery. ** the days for Angel Lane may have to change – but those booked in will be informed where and when to attend

In addition, they are completing their Care Homes and Housebound patients this week

John Tasker House Surgery

John Tasker House is running vaccination clinics for patients aged 80 and over FROM THEIR OWN PREMISES on Thurday and Friday 21st and 22nd this week. They are proactively calling patients to invite them, so no need to call your surgery.

In addition, they are completing their Housebound patients this week

*** please note that Angel Lane and John Tasker House Surgeries has a significant number of housebound patients to vaccinate. We are deploying our Primary Care Network Staff to help with these – Pharmacists and Phycisian Associates.

Eden Surgery

Eden is running a vaccination clinic for patients aged 80 and over on Saturday 23 January 2020 FROM THEIR OWN PREMISES. They are proactively calling patients to invite them, so no need to call your surgery.

In addition Eden is completing their housebound patients this week.

UPDATE 2 – 12 January 2020

We now have confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination deliveries for this week, and next week

We are getting 300 Astra Zeneka vaccines on Wednesday 13 January, and 1600 Astra Zeneka vaccinations on 20 January 2020.

Although this may seem like a significant amount of vaccine – when split between our 5 practices, it will just be enough to complete our Care Home patients, and Care Home staff. PLEASE DO NOT CALL YOUR SURGERY TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. If there is any left over vaccine, your surgery will contact you to arrange an appointment.

We will update you as soon as we are informed of any other vaccine deliveries.


On 11 January we have been informed that patients aged 80+ will receive a letter inviting them to book a Covid vaccination at a mass vaccination site. We believe the closest operational site currently is Stevenage. We understand there will be one at Stansted Airport eventually, THOUGH THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED. Patients aged 80+ now have the option to travel further afield for a vaccination, or wait until our local Primary Care Hub receive more vaccine- hopefully week commencing 18 January. We will inform you as soon as we know the specific date for additional deliveries.An important factor to note for making a decision on this, is that wherever patients attend for their 1st vaccination- they will have to return to for the 2nd. We are sorry this is getting confusing- but this is out of GP surgery’s control. Please don’t be worried- we are working hard behind the scenes to make this happen for you all.

Update on 30 December 2020 – COVID-19 vaccination programme

We will be completing dose 2 for those patients who had their 1st doses on 15, 16 and 17th December next week on 5, 6 and 7 January 2020. We have requested more vaccine to be delivered, but we are waiting for confirmation of a delivery date. As soon as we know, we will be in touch with patients in the current eligible cohort.

We suspect that with the approval of the Oxford vaccine today, there will be some changes coming up on how we deliver the COVID-19 vaccination programme, both as a Primary Care Network, and also as individual practices. We suspect that we will receive a lot of new information in the next few days, and will keep you updated here when we know more.


We will be staring our COVID-19 vaccination programme this week, with clinics on Tuesday 15, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th December. Only patients aged 80 and over who have booked an appointment may attend. We will be in touch with our patients aged 80 and over when we are notified of further vaccine supply.

Our plans for the COVID-19 vaccination programme

I am sure you have all heard the news that some Covid-19 vaccinations will soon be available.

We do not yet have specific information, but we know that we have to be ready to potentially start vaccinating from December 2020. We would like to tell our patients about our current plans, so we can work together to get ready.

We have to work as a Primary Care Network (PCN) to deliver this programme, so Stansted, Elsenham, John Tasker House, Angel Lane and Eden Surgeries will be working together.

Between our 5 surgeries, we look after 50 000 patients. Each PCN have to nominate a lead surgery, and Stansted Surgery is the lead surgery for our PCN. This means that initially, the COVID-19 vaccinations will be delivered to Stansted Surgery.

Stansted Surgery is in a new, purpose built Surgery, and have more space than our other PCN Members. There is parking nearby (although not all of the parking is free).

Our PCN is working hard on coming up with the best solution to delivering the programme to our patients and we are exploring all options. We are likely to start the programme by using Stansted Surgery premises only, but may have to find a bigger central location to deliver the wider programme. We understand that Stansted Surgery is not a convenient location for many patients, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused to patients who will have to travel to get their vaccination. As the programme develops, and other vaccines become available, we may be able to serve our patients closer to their own surgery.

Our PCN have an excellent working relationship, and I am sure we will be successful in delivering this programme. We will ensure that the programme is rolled out in a way that is fair to all 5 surgery’s patients.

We will endeavour to use our PCN support staff to do the majority of the vaccinations, so GP Surgery staff can continue the day-to-day surgery workload. We will use our PCN Pharmacists, Physicians Associates and Emergency Care Practitioner, as well as a number of volunteers, such as retired nurses, GPs ect. We will still have to divert our own GPs, nurses and healthcare assistants to complete this vaccination programme. This will put additional burden on already strained GP Surgeries, but we will do our best to keep our surgeries running smoothly, while systematically vaccinating all eligible cohorts.

This is a tough challenge for us, but we are keen to get started, and know that we can count on your understanding and support in the months to come.

Why is this programme different to the annual seasonal flu campaign?

While we still have no specifics about the characteristics of these new vaccinations, we do know that they won’t initially be delivered to us in single, pre-filled doses, as they do for flu vaccinations. Each vaccination has to be reconstituted and individually drawn up – which slows the process down. Each patient will have to have 2 doses – currently we do not know how much time there needs to be between the two doses.

Vaccination Clinics will still have to be held on a socially distanced basis, and patients driving themselves to their appointment, have to wait 15 minutes post vaccination before they can leave the surgery/vaccination site. So logistically – a bit of a nightmare!

How can our patients help us?

We would be very grateful if patients can help us to get prepared for this vaccination programme. One of the key elements in making this programme successful is being able to communicate with our patients quickly, and make the process of booking a vaccination appointment as easy as possible.

  1. ALL PATIENTS – Please email with your up to date mobile phone number. Please put the name of your surgery and your age in the subject line of the email (this will help us to split the workload, and prioritise patients in line with the vaccination programme roll out). Please send an email for each member of the household.
  2. PATIENTS OVER 80 – Please consider signing up for on-line access to book appointments – this makes it very easy to book an appointment, and will take a lot of strain off our surgeries. When we are able to start making appointments, we will only be able to spare two phone lines, so on-line booking will be instrumental in helping us manage appointment bookings. Please email if you would like the information you need to set up your on-line access. Please ask a member of your family, or a friend to help you with this if needed.
  3. Start thinking about how you will get to your appointment at Stansted Surgery. We have been informed that patients have to wait 15 minutes after vaccination before they can drive home. If at all possible, please ask a friend, neighbour of family member to bring you to your appointment, which will allow for a quicker turnaround time in our vaccination clinics.

*** Information sent to this email address will be processed as soon as possible. Please do not send any other information to this email address. We will not be able to respond to any of the emails.

Which patients will practices need to vaccinate?

This is still not fully clear. The Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations has recommended the following order:

  1. older adults’ resident in a care home and care home workers
  2. all those 80 years of age and over and health and social care workers
  3. all those 75 years of age and over
  4. all those 70 years of age and over
  5. all those 65 years of age and over
  6. high-risk adults under 65 years of age
  7. moderate-risk adults under 65 years of age
  8. all those 60 years of age and over
  9. all those 55 years of age and over
  10. all those 50 years of age and over
  11. rest of the population (priority to be determined) but current vaccines only for those aged 18 and over.

We will do our best to keep you informed – this programme is bound to be subject to many changes. We will keep you updated by text messages, and will post updates to local Social Media Pages.