NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

New opportunities for help with Weight Loss

We are getting in touch with some of our Diabetes and Hypertensive patients to tell you about an available service to support weight loss. The qualifying criteria for this new service are, amongst other things, based on BMI levels, and we acknowledge that our BMI records for you may be out of date. If this message does not apply to you, then we apologise for getting in touch.

Qualifying criteria:

  • Patients aged over 18 with Diabetes and/or Hypertension
  • BMI must be 30 or over (except for patients who are Black, Asian, and other Minority Ethnic groups, who’s BMI must be 27.5 or over)

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Pregnancy
  • An active eating disorder
  • Bariatric surgery in the last 2 years

If you are interested, but uncertain what your current BMI is, please use this link to help you calculate your current BMI https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-weight/bmi-calculator/

If you need help with getting an accurate BMI, please contact the surgery for an appointment.

To read more about this service, please see NHS England » The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

If you would like to be referred to this service, please email [email protected], or contact the surgery. Please note that we will need your up-to-date BMI in order to complete the referral. Referrals made by the surgery, are triaged by the Weight Management Service, to ensure patients are referred to the most appropriate weight loss support service. There are 3 levels of support (Level 1 – digital only, Level 2 – Digital with human coaching and Level 3 Digital with human coaching plus more individualised tailored support)