Practice Vision

Our Vision 

To work as part of an integrated care system building on our tradition of providing safe, effective and responsive care to our patients 

Our Objectives

• Put safety and quality at the heart of what we do

• To support, empower and enable our patients to be confident in improving their own health

• Work with our Partners to improve the health of our patients and the local population

• Deliver best practice, encourage innovation and embrace change

Our Values 

• Our patients are our first priority

• To treat our patients with dignity and respect

• To act professionally and with integrity

• To provide a supportive and fulfilling team environment

• To be active partners in our health community

Our Improvement Priorities 

• To increase the capacity & capability of our workforce

• To strive to achieve the highest CQC rating

• Increase influenza vaccine uptake 

• Improve Health checks for 40-75 year olds