Important Update

To the patients of Stansted and Elsenham Surgeries

We wish to advise our patients of some changes that have happened, and some changes we are looking at in the longer term with regards to our two surgeries.

Sadly, Elsenham Surgery’s Practice Manager has left after 10 years. The Partners and staff are very grateful for her many years of loyal services, and she will be greatly missed.

In the short term, the Stansted Surgery Management Team will be taking over the management duties at Elsenham Surgery. This arrangement is already in place. This should have little impact on our patients. While we settle into this new arrangement, patients may have to wait for communications from our Management Team for a bit longer than usual, but we are working hard to minimise this.

The Partners of Stansted and Elsenham Surgeries have now formally met to discuss their longer-term visions for our two surgeries and have agreed to start discussions about a merger between the two practices. There are many things to discuss and consider before we formally agree to merge, and before we apply to merge to the Integrated Care Board, and NHS England. This process will take place over months.

Why are we discussing a potential merger?

Stansted is a medium size surgery, and Elsenham is just over half our size. Together, we have approximately 19000 patients. This number will continue to grow as local development does. Coming together would mean we would be one of the biggest surgeries in West Essex, which gives us a firm seat at the table when it comes to discussing and commissioning healthcare services for our patients. Pooling our lists will also make us financially stronger, which is now more important as ever. NHS funding continues to dwindle, and this reduction in funding hits smaller surgeries much harder than bigger ones. By pooling our resources,  we can also make significant savings in the longer term. By merging our teams, we will become stronger than ever.

At this point in time, we will be able to answer very few questions about this…if any! But we are all excited about the prospect of working together and have two fantastic teams to support us along the way. If and when we have significant news about this matter, we will share it with you all.