Launching our new on-line platform

Today (Monday 28th November 2022) we are launching a new online platform to make it easier for patients to get in touch with us during the hours of 8am and 5pm. Between 5pm and 6:30pm, please call the surgery as usual.

The platform is called Accurx, and can be used for prescriptions, admin enquiries, sick notes requests, and clinical attention requests. It’s easy to use, and can also be accessed via the NHS app.

You can access this platform from the following link, and the link is also available on the Home page of our website

All requests received will be actioned as soon as possible, but always within two days. We will endeavour to deal with clinical requests within 24 hours, so urgent matters should be phoned through to the surgery.

Why use the on-line platform?

  1. It is now contractual for GP Surgeries

All GP Surgeries have to offer an on-line platform to patients as per our contract with NHS England

  • It helps reduce the number of calls to the surgery

This will give the reception team the opportunity to focus on urgent matters as soon as possible

  • To streamline the different workstreams into the surgery

Currently most of our patient contacts are via phone and email. We want to systematically reduce the number of calls and emails that come into the surgery, by asking patients to use the online platform instead. The requests that come through to the surgery via the new online platform is very easily and effectively managed and signposted to the relevant surgery teams and leaves a clear audit trail. It also allows us to communicate with you quickly and effectively. Once we have settled into using the new online platform, we will consider the need for all the different email inboxes the teams are having to manage.